avenue road



private detached house

refurbishment & new-build extension

253sqm internal

reconstruction and extension of a detached house in London

floating helical concrete staircase
round rooflight lighting the staircase


An existing two storey detached house in St Johns Wood London, which was completely rebuilt and extended from the ground up, retaining only the external walls. An additional floor was added over the existing building, and a new glass extension.

kitchen opening onto the staircase
wooden counter with a mirror on it and marble walls beside walk-in shower
conservatory with metal frame
curved window open on the garden


section's diagram of the central position of the staircase in the house and his view onto the garden
repetition of vertical openings to maximize the daylight of the staircase

walk-in shower with glass and marble
 marble walls beside walk-in shower


refurbishment of the house
a breeze block wall construction
hole for helical stairs seen from below
installing wall around the stairs
installing the steps of the stairs


Structural Engineer - Price & Myers