garden penthouse, pont street



5 bedroom apartment

full refurbishment and extension of Grade II listed building, amalgamating 3 apartments into 1

410 sqm internal

three apartments were cut and carved out of the Cadogan red skyline into one garden penthouse

patinated steel frame doors to the roof garden with skylight behind

the new rooftop garden forms a verdant oasis at the centre of the home

red brick facade to Pont Street

it is spread out on the upper floors behind this historic red brick facade, designed in a style coined 'Pont Street Dutch'

red brick listed facade detail on Pont Street

the colour, cut and moulding of the brickwork are a signature of the estate

lantern rooflight view to roof terrace

a modern extension floats over the relatively modest interior behind this ornate facade, bringing light and air into the deep plan

roof terrace garden at dusk
entrance hall opening onto roof garden

our concept was to create a new focus, a verdant airy garden at the heart of the home, around which all the spaces revolve.

this garden creates an element of surprise on arrival, as well as a two-level entertaining space which celebrates the heritage roofscape and long-distance views over London.

entrance hall with rooflights and marble floor

concept model roof terrace

early working models helped clear the clutter and highlight the clarity of the original roof forms

section drawing through roof terrace

the succession of angular gables became a defining feature of the new terrace, a theatrical backdrop to the new garden

doors opening onto roof terrace
cantilevered steel stair up green roof to terrace
lantern rooflight on roof terrace
marble floor to roof terrace, with bronze doors
timber A frame to roof, with king post
sunken bath below rooflight, with stone mosaic

isometric diagram of main circulation, with roof garden at centre

view of roof terrace through rooflight over main stair
top-lit entrance hall with roof terrace beyond
round walk-on rooflight from below
flowers on roof garden with brick facade
steel frame glazing with marble floor and planting

penthouse apartment plan
pitched rooflight in roof garden
undermounted bath beside skylight surrounded by stone mosaic
historic beam on stone corbel, below rooflight
penthouse apartment lower plan

bronze balustrade detail
lantern rooflight detail
cantilevered stair on green roof detail

perspective sketch of roof garden concept

dining room herringbone wood floor contemporary living room with exposed timber beams
exposed timber beams to dining room skylights in historic building
sliding glazed doors to entrance hall master bedroom with panelled wall

detail of stone mosaic to rooflight
detail of cantilevered steel stair over green roof
new glass extension with rooflight and terrace garden marble counter and mosaic walls beside walk-in shower
lantern rooflight with lighting
reflection at dusk onto lantern rooflight

daylight through new roof lights
green roof with historic chimneys


site demolition in progress around lift
bespoke tiled marble floor under construction
 steel beam brick wall junction
polygon marble tile detail
circular rooflight opening on flat roof under construction
hoist installing new rooflight


Architect - Nicholas Zervoglos Architects
Planner - Nicholas Zervoglos Architects & part Savills
Interior Designer - Kitesgrove
Structural Engineer - Price & Myers
Landscape Architect - Cameron Gardens
Project Manager - Kitesgrove
General Contractor - Justo