george street



retail, delicatessen and cafe


delicatessen and cafe,
a prototype for a new specialist food chain in London's Marylebone

delicatessen and cafe inspire from the domestic spaces

This small prototype for a new specialist food chain in London's Marylebone has an informal almost domestic scale which reflects the food freshly prepared on site.


internal plan variations

The layout is compact but open, allowing the three key activities - cafe, store, kitchen - to overlap efficiently.

Various studies of circulation, preparation, seating and daylighting were distilled into one primary form, a wrap-around storage screen, to simplify the construction time and cost.

The open layout creates a strong connection with the street.

concept diagram of the key activities


the dark room prior to works

Natural daylight is maximised to convey a bright and informal simplicity.


open layout enveloped in rustic tones, natural materials and maximized daylight

section diagram expressing fluid connection of different areas and respective activities


low ceiling and dark spaces prior to the new fit-out Secondary walls and ceilings are stripped out, maximising proportions and simplifying the services.

Acoustic panels to the ceiling absorb noise to create a comfortable environment, as well as providing fire protection.


delicatessen with marble floor and concrete strip at the top of the wall

section diagram showing areas and activities

detail of blue shelf


Graphic Design - NVRdesign
Worktops - Salix Stainless Steel Fabrications