wolseley road



private detached house

new-build family house with annex

410sqm internal + 46sqm garage

a new-build family house in London

view from garden to house at dusk
view to entrance hall
dining room and library void


view of the bookcase
lightwell plant detail framed by glulam

diagram iso sketch of lightwells
freestanding bath with skylight over in master ensuite bathroom


the architectural response is driven by the key site constraints

glazed elevations to the east and north compensate for the buried windowless elevations of the retaining walls

maximising light and views, the new garden also creates a valuable new focal point

excavate to create a new garden level, connecting with the street at its lowest point
the building is split into two key volumes - two pavilions in a garden - maintaining a sense of openness within a restricted site
interconnections and overlaps - the upper level connects directly with the main street entrance, it wraps around the two volumes to frame a new lower garden space
new gardens, lightwells and green roofs aim to unify the two levels

main entrance stone steps and garden flowering
sliding folding screen of perforated metal panels separating living and drawing room
dappled sunlight on polished plaster wall & glulam in living room
guest cloakroom orange mosaic with oak shelf
landscape reflected in facade
site context diagram

Framing Key Spaces

through the new glulam frames the natural timber structure bridges between inside and outside

view from entrance hall to living and horizon

Maximising Daylight

to bring light and air to the deepest parts of the site, three new lightwells have been created, as well as several rooflights

the cuts in the roof are designed to bring daylight into the building, despite the fact that the two southerly elevations are both buried

the solar study to the right shows the impact of the skylights and clerestorey windows overhead, on a mid-march day





stair detail dinesen timber and balustrade
master ensuite bathroom
drawing room and sliding folding metal doors



the six bedroom house is set into the hillside overlooking London

the site slopes considerably - there is a 6.5m height difference from one end to the other

the building steps down in section, following the contours of the site. the upper floor, which contains the public reception areas, is primarily open plan. the lower floor contains the private spaces and the annex

the focus of the house is the garden on different levels, and the long distance view to north east

isometric view rendered
plan upper plan lower iso section through dining and library void, and roof terrace


Two key elevations of the house are primarily earth sheltered, which keeps the structure low-profile whilst harnessing the heat of the soil, protecting the property and its inhabitants from temperature extremes.

A biodiverse green roof and air source heat pumps have also been installed.

Underfloor heating throughout creates a comfortable environment at the same time minimising heat consumption.

Green roofs provide both ecological and visual amenity, aiming to improve the natural habitat that was there previously.


below, the site has been excavated to reveal the piled retaining wall


Services Engineer - OCSC
Structural Engineer - Price & Myers, Elliott Wood
Landscape Architect - Dima Zogheib (concept), Jonathan Snow Design
Project Manager - MAC Consulting Ltd
General Contractor - Stark Group
Sub-Contractors - Berryrange Ltd (sheet piling), Constructional Timber (glulam), Openwood Ltd (rooflights), BDI Joinery, Focus Ceramics, Dinesen (floors), Optimum Contractors (steelwork), Stewart Landscapes